Naming Your Needs

Color Your Needs - Digital

Color Your Needs is a series of small steps that can lead to big impact. It is an invitation to think about your needs differently. Grab your favorite markers or tablet and get started.
Color Your Needs - Digital

Color Your Needs is designed to be a beginning of the conversation both with yourself and others. I've tried to make it both lighthearted and useful; you'll have to let me know how well I've succeeded.

The strategies include identifying what works and doesn't for you in 13 areas:

  • Routes of Safety - How do you (and can you) access safety at work?
  • Difference Index - How are you different (or the same)? This makes team dynamics a little clearer.
  • Showing & Receiving Appreciation - How do you like to be appreciated? How do you appreciate others?
  • Access Needs - What do you need to participate in work activities and thrive?
  • Effective Communication - How do you communicate, and how do you like to be communicated with?
  • Lift Index - How does your work line up with your skills, capacity, and desire?
  • Vulnerability Index - How do you understand the people you work with in a concrete way? Who should you experiment with?
  • Values - What are your values, and how do you live them?
  • Growing Edges - What are the competencies you’d like to develop when you have the capacity?
  • Accountability - What supports you to engage with the consequences of your actions?
  • Generative Feedback - What supports you to give or receive feedback that prioritizes your relationships?
  • Agency - How do you support yourself to make choices even when it feels like there are none?
  • Money - Money can impact safety, growth, and appreciation. How is it showing up for you?
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