Sustainably Human at Work Podcast

Toi Marie on The Spell of Capitalism (Episode 20)
Strategist and perpetual learner, Toi Marie asks us to grapple with the way capitalism shows up in all of us. Toi invites us to see the spell of capitalism for what it is and begin to imagine something different, together.
Marie Poulin on Reflecting on Your Own Data (Episode 19)
Notion expert Marie Poulin shares some of the insight she's found by gathering her own data. Marie uses Notion but regularly encourages folks to use whatever works for them, including a piece of paper.
Nic Strack with Lessons from Bespoke Parenting (Episode 18)
Whole Human Parenting Coach Nic Strack shares their wisdom with us about honoring the sovereignty of others whether you're a parent or not.
Jade T. Perry on Liberatory Praxis (Episode 17)
Writer, speaker, educator, artist, and mystic Jade T. Perry shares her thoughts on building a liberatory praxis, particularly in professional spaces.
Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin on Imposter Syndrome (Episode 16)
Psychologist, author, and consultant Dr. Lisa Orbé-Austin shares her insight about how and why imposter syndrome shows up and most importantly, what to do about it.
Mara Glatzel on Needs & Being Soft (Episode 15)
Writer, coach, and podcast host Mara Glatzel shares her insight about the importance of softness and working with, rather than against, our needs.
Rebecca Davison on Energy & Awareness (Episode 14)
Spiritual coach and mentor, Rebecca Davison discusses how workplaces are often set up to limit emotions and the importance of learning from every interaction with another person.
James-Olivia Chu Hillman on Relational Fuckery at Work (Episode 13)
Right Relationship specialist James-Olivia Chu Hillman discusses the ways workplaces are set up to keep us from connecting as humans, and what we can do about it.
Jake Ernst on Connection & Routes of Safety (Episode 12)
Actionable leadership insight about Routes of Safety, big relational experiences, and healing in community.
Taina Angeli Vargas on On Prop 17 & Impacted Leadership (Episode 11)
Actionable leadership insight about California Prop 17, democracy, and impacted leadership.
Richie Reseda on Business & The Movement (Episode 10)
Actionable insight about anti-capitalist business, the modern Abolition Movement, and leading with heart.
EbonyJanice on Dreaming & Decolonizing Authority (Episode 9)
Actionable insight about admitting what we don't know, authority, and dreaming ourselves free.
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