Sustainably Human at Work Podcast

Andrea Glik on Understanding & Nervous Systems (Episode 8)
Actionable insight about acknowledging oppression at work, understanding, and being gentle with our nervous systems.
Carmen Medina on Silence & Broken Leadership (Episode 7)
Actionable insight about how what we know about leadership is wrong, messy processes, and the importance of silence.
Bunny McKensie Mack on Capacity & Honoring Boundaries (Episode 6)
Actionable insight about honoring boundaries, emotional consent, and the importance of lived experience.
Colin Bedell on Brilliance & Contagious Leadership (Episode 5)
Actionable insight about relinquishing our amour, seeking the brilliance of others, and the importance of contagious leadership.
David Deane-Spread on Curiosity & Slowing Down (Episode 4)
Actionable insight about difficult conversations, the value of curiosity, and the importance of slowing down.
Desiree Adaway on Abolition & Accountability (Episode 3)
Actionable insight about the importance of accountability, lessons from today’s prison abolition movement, and the constant journey of leadership.
Kimberly Faith on Time & Holding Complexity (Episode 2)
Actionable insight about how we have all the time we need, how holding complexity is key, and the importance of asking the right questions.
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