This website is built on a platform called Ghost. It is open source and privately funded via subscriptions. I chose it because it does not place tracking cookies.

This website does not have a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics. It is not being tracked by those platforms or companies.

I've done my best to only ask for your data when I need to send you something. For example: if you buy a digital product, I ask for your email not physical address. Obviously, if you buy a physical product I'll need your physical address to send it to you.

Here's the tech I use to work with you:

  • ThriveCart - for checkout
  • Calendly - for scheduling
  • Stripe - for payment processing
  • Flodesk - for marketing emails
  • Ghost - for web & subscriptions
  • Wave - for bookkeeping & recurring invoicing (also processes through Stripe)
  • Zapier - connects apps to one another
  • Notion - project management, databases
  • Google Apps - one-to-one email, calendar, docs
  • Transistor - podcast hosting

I will never share your data with anyone without your explicit consent.

To have your data completely removed from my system, email me at

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