Hopefully, you've landed on this page because you got to the end of Color Your Needs.

Below, you'll find some folks who are mentioned in Color Your Needs and others who do work that is deeply aligned. I'd encourage you to look deeper at the pieces that resonate for you.

Values List

I've made this list of Values and you are welcome to use it in whatever way makes sense for you. Find it in multiple formats here.

Patrisse Cullors

As one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse has influenced how I think about my own needs and meeting them. Her 2019 article in Harvard Law Review gave grounding and tangibility to my abolitionist practice. I encourage everyone to read it and pick up her 2022 book, An Abolitionist's Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World.

Learn more about Patrisse

Tricia Hersey (The Nap Ministry)

Tricia Hersey grounds her teachings in Womanism and draws the connections between capitalism, slavery, and grind culture while insisting on the importance of reparations and rest. Her teachings are a constant reminder to me.

Work with The Nap Ministry

Toi Marie Smith

Toi is a growth and impact strategist and is someone I've looked to for years. She's constantly holding the tension of practicing liberation and making a living. She works in deep community with both Business for the People and The Spell of Capitalism. I also highly recommend her bi-weekly email.

Work with Toi Marie

Bunny McKensie Mack

Bunny McKensie Mack is an anti-oppression consultant and runs The McKensie Mack Group and Boundary Work (TM). They share openly via Instagram what the real practice of running an anti-capitalist and anti-oppressive business means.

Work with MMG

Jade T. Perry

Jade T. Perry centers her own experience as a BlackQueerDisabledFemme and lives her liberatory praxis. With every part of her business, she models what it looks like to hold herself and her community with care.

Work with Jade T. Perry

James-Olivia Chu Hillman

James-Olivia celebrates all the messiness of radically relating. Their Instagram is a beautiful place for daily prompts that ask me to examine my values deeply.

Work with James-Olivia

Sharyn Holmes

Sharyn has been one of my teachers for years and supports folks to build genuinely inclusive spaces while unpacking their own privilege.

Work with Sharyn

Andrea Gutiérrez-Glik, LCSW

Andrea has such a lovely and accessible way of talking about the nervous system and somatics. 

Check out her episode of the podcast.

Work with Andrea

Mia Mingus

I am constantly learning from Mia Mingus. Her Instagram is very very helpful as is her website.

Work with Mia

Desiree Adaway

Desiree has been teaching about collective liberation at work for years and years. She's one of my role models. 

Check out her episode of the podcast.

Work with Desiree

Jake Ernst, MSW

Jake is a Toronto-based therapist who created the Routes of Safety framework. His Instagram provides important mental health reminders.

Check out his episode of the podcast.

Work with Jake

Daria (Accountability Mapping)

I really really resonate with Daria's Instagram content.

Work with Daria

Mara Glatzel

Mara reminds everyone in her orbit that having needs is a must. She hosts the Needy podcast, runs programs and coaches. And she's currently working on a forthcoming book about meeting your needs.

Check out her episode of the podcast.

Work with Mara

Nic Strack

Nic shows us how to both act as sovereign humans and interact with other sovereign humans. Including kids.

In their episode of the podcast we learn that parenting and the workplace have a lot in common.

Work with Nic Strack

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