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Unwinding Urgency: a Supported Experiment

Begins Late August 2022. Experiment with what serves you (and what doesn't) in an intimate, supported, spacious setting.
Unwinding Urgency: a Supported Experiment
Photo by Joel Holland / Unsplash
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Imagine space and time to live, work, consider, and breathe.

We live in a society that seems hell-bent on manufacturing urgency at every turn. From tech giants using psychological triggers to keep us hooked to the next urgent (but not really) notification to the 24-hour news cycle meant to always hold our attention.

The constant push leaves us overwhelmed and burned out.

So how, while we're living in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and turmoil, are we supposed to find what is real and what's not?

What's really urgent? What feels urgent?

I can't make that determination for you. But I can walk with you while you consider a simple yet powerful question: what serves me?

As with everything, some urgency will serve you, and some will not. But the vast majority of folks never step back and ask the question.

Join me and an intimate group to begin your own journey to unwind the urgency in your life.

Unwinding Urgency is...

  • a place to ask tough questions and learn from each other.
  • a place to say, oh shit me too.
  • a deep dive into why urgency feels the way it does.
  • an exploration of possible antidotes.
  • a place to track your own patterns.

Unwinding Urgency is not...

  • group therapy, although we will discuss tough things.
  • pushing a specific answer or process.
  • a place to judge yourself or anyone else.

I've been on this journey for a while and am deeply grateful for the work of many but specifically Jade T. Perry, The Nap Ministry, Toi Marie Smith, Jen Lemen, and Tema Okun.

What we'll cover:

  • Personal excavation of urgency in your life
  • Your nervous system and how it responds to urgency
  • How capitalism & white supremacy culture have a vested interest in urgency
  • Personal unwinding
  • Making the invitation to others to unwind with you

What you'll leave with:

  1. A deeper understanding of the ways urgency shows up for you
  2. Usable tools to unwind the urgency in your life
  3. Frameworks that support you to invite the people in your life into this journey with you

Details and Logistics:

  • 6 people maximum group size
  • 14-week supported exploration
  • 7 meetings - 90 minutes each
  • Meetings begin the last week of August.
  • Choose one of two cohorts:
    • Saturdays, 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST
      • August 27, Septmember 10, 24, October 8, 22, November 5, 19
    • Mondays, 3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT / 11 pm BST / 8 am AEST (Tuesday)
      • August 29, September 12, 26, October 10, 24, November 7, 21
If you cannot attend the first session, this program is not the right choice for you. 
The cost of this program is $250 per month for 4 months ($1000 total).

No penalty payment plans are available at checkout for 1 or 4 months. If you'd like a smaller payment over more time, please email me directly at I'm happy to support lots of options, and some take manual processing. 2 spots in each cohort are available for free or at a reduced rate. Please email me to claim one.

There are no refunds, however, if you cannot attend live, you will receive a credit that can be used for any future program or session.
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