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Vulnerability Index Deep Dive

This session can be accessed as a replay.

For many, getting through the workday unscathed is the goal.

And yet, article after article will discuss the virtues of being vulnerable. Bringing vulnerability to work.

Because when folks let their guard down, connection becomes easier.

But when you offer vulnerability and get met with ridicule or disdain, it becomes harder to ever get to that space again.

And that makes sense because our nervous systems learn from experience. So, if we try something new and are met with resistance, we become reluctant to keep trying.

I’ve developed the Vulnerability Index to address this specific problem: how do you know who you can be vulnerable with?

The Vulnerability Index is four simple questions that you answer as a 1-5 number. When you add them up, the person you’re considering falls into one of five categories. See the post about it here.

Energy is finite and people higher on your Vulnerability Index take more of your energy. When you have the numbers right in front of you, it becomes easier to make decisions that are in your best interest.

What you’ll leave with:

  • An assessment of your current universe of people. You’re welcome to assess as many as you’d like. Many people don’t stop with their colleagues, they like to bring in their friends and family as well.
  • Actionable steps to take to move the needle on the relationships you choose to.
  • How to combine your Vulnerability Index ratings with your calendar and protect your energy.

Details and logistics:

  • This session is a replay and will be emailed to you.

Cost: Pay What You choose

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