Why Experiment?

Why Experiment?
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Every part of the work I do is an experiment. Can we make a shorter work week? Can we do work that matters? Can we have a life and a job at the same time? Can we work to meet our individual and collective needs?

Part of the practice is a willingness to say, what if? What if this was true?

It is way too easy to get cynical and stuck. To say, nothing can ever change. When we experiment we don't make big proclamations about the future, we say, let's see. Let's move this needle and see what happens.

And in the experiment, our brains learn what is possible.

Rightness isn't necessary.

Every experiment begins by testing an assumption. You don’t have to be right. In fact, some of the most impressive discoveries came from mistakes. The point is to learn and gather information, not to start knowing everything.

Grace is possible.

When you frame skill building as an experiment, you give yourself more grace. You don’t have to feel bad for not knowing. You don’t have to feel bad for making a mistake. You can be gentle with yourself in the process.

Creativity is unleashed.

Too often, we stay stuck in what we know. We’ve had a lot of years to get used to the way things are. But the way things are doesn’t serve us. We need a way to get out of our patterns. Experimenting with new ideas helps.

Come experiment with me.

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