Workplace Status Quo

The Workplace Status Quo has got to go!

The Workplace Status Quo has got to go!
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The Workplace Status Quo has got to go.

When I say Workplace Status Quo, I mean three concepts that are interwoven into most businesses and come from supremacy culture, capitalism, and colonialism.

💰 Capital is king.

🤖 Humans are resources.

☠️ Fear is the best motivator.

From these ideas we see that money is all that matters; humans have to be as small and compliant as possible, and surveillance and fear reign supreme.

But from individuals to groups to organizations, we have a choice.

We can (and must) disrupt these ideas.

To me, an Imaginative Workplace makes choices that reflect the following antidote ideas:

🔧 Capital is one tool of many.

🥰 Humans are people who require care.

💸 Motivation comes from respect and revenue share.

I don’t have all the answers but I do know this shit doesn’t have to be this way.

[ID: Hand-drawn diagram that shows Workplace Status Quo with three arrows to capital is king, humans are resources, and fear is the best motivator. In the center it says, decision to disrupt. Beneath it, capital is one tool of many; humans are people who require care; motivation comes from respect and revenue share. These three have arrows that point to Imaginative Workplace.]

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