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I help leaders develop high-trust skills that shift workplace culture.

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Clients say...

Liz’s work is transformative in a simplistically accessible way. Reaching the depths of who I am without being intrusive, the workshops and exercises create a gentle space for me to understand what I need in the workplace and how to better engage with my colleagues.

Kley Sippel

Liz has a truly magical ability to create and hold space for people to show up authentically in the full spectrum of their humanity. I always feel a bit freer and a bit more whole than I was when I walked in.

Elizabeth Parks Kibbey

Working with Liz has radically changed the way I understand, relate to, and manage my capacity. Most resources I have found in the past come from a capitalistic and ableist place of just maximizing capacity without concern for real wellbeing. Liz’s capacity workshop and guide helped me go much deeper than that.

Lex Ryan

Also big ups and thanks to you for all your work around naming needs and holding the cohort at the beginning of the pandemic!! I’ve been getting so many compliments about how I bring mindfulness/etc into the workplace, and a lot of that is because of YOU!

Kalen Cobb

I'm Liz and I believe in you.

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Too many leaders don't know where to start.

Building a high-trust practice takes time and intention. But it is worthwhile and rewarding. Let me show you where to start.