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My Approach

My approach involves a method, a theory of change, and a practice.

The Method

The main framework that underpins all of my work is called the Sentendre Method. Sentendre is from the French s'entendre, which means to hear and profoundly understand each other.

This method involves three phases that I illustrate in a circle. Now, as I tell my clients, we're often failed by two dimensions. We move in and out of all three phases all the time. They are awareness, articulation, and activation.

In the Awareness phase, you focus on learning what's out there. Things you didn't know or didn't consider. You make the invisible visible. Some topics in this phase are Nervous System Discernment, Culture + Structure, Invitations to Imagine, and Vulnerability Index.

In the Articulation phase, you're focused on naming what is true for you. If you can't articulate it, you can't be in conversation about it. Some topics in this phase are the 4 Elemental Needs, Lift Index, and Accountability.

In the Activation phase, you're putting ideas into practice with other people. We do this by using Generative Communication, a style of communication that prioritizes your relationship.

This method is simple and effective.

The Theory of Change

I believe that we have both individual and collective responsibilities. That we must acknowledge and celebrate our own needs while holding and creating space for the needs of others.

I believe, as Andrea Ranae says, we are the system and the revolution. Systems of oppression exist and impact each of us differently. And as Cyndi Suarez names, power exists in interactions. We have choices between power over another and power with another.

The Practice

In practice, I create tools and containers that help people build high-trust skills. My practice is guided by three ideas:

You’re not alone.
Many of my clients come to me thinking they’re the only ones struggling with certain ideas. I want to introduce you to different people, tools, and ways of understanding the world.

You are the expert on your life.
There are places where I have a strong opinion, but my goal is to give ways of thinking about things, questions to ask, and options. You get to disagree with me. You get to evolve your own thinking over time. But do not replace your own knowing with mine.

Don’t be boring.
I do my best to give enough context so that things make sense and relate in dynamic and interesting ways. I believe in creating spaciousness in all ways.

Everything exists in context. Learn about mine here.