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Lead with Ease: a Field Guide for High-Trust Leadership

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Embark on the transformative journey of leadership with Lead with Ease: A Field Guide for High-Trust Leadership – your constant companion for high-trust leadership development.

📘 Guided Journal Meets Practical Workbook: Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of a guided journal and workbook that stays with you wherever you go. "Lead with Ease" offers a transformative experience with self-reflection and practical exercises.

Attainable Exercises for Real Impact: Dive into practical activities designed for your current level. Develop high-trust leadership skills through exercises that provide real, actionable steps for growth at your own pace.

🌟 Lean into Your Lived Experience: Embrace your personal narrative as you journey towards high-trust leadership. This field guide encourages you to draw wisdom from your unique experiences, creating a meaningful and personalized approach to leadership development.

🤝 High-Trust Leadership and Ease: Discover the connection between high-trust leadership and ease. Much like navigating a difficult hike, building trust may not be easy, but it can be approached with a sense of ease. Consider this: on a challenging hike, moving with ease means not constantly worrying about the path ahead, having the right supplies, or running out of water.

In the workplace, the same principles apply. Recognize the challenge, acknowledge that it's hard, and rise to meet it. Understand the power of collaboration—know that you can't do it alone. Plan ahead, anticipating challenges and charting your course. Equip yourself with the tools needed for success.

Lead with Ease is crafted to guide you through these principles, allowing you to center ease in your leadership journey. Let go of the notion that everything must be hard and explore the question, "What if it wasn't?" By embracing this mindset, you tap into new realms of imagination, unlocking fresh options and choices.

📚 Multiple Formats: Choose the format that fits your lifestyle. Whether it's the A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm) paperback, spiral bound, or hardcover linen edition, all versions include the digital edition. Access the digital version for ease of use, revisit key insights, and enjoy the most up-to-date content at your fingertips. If digital only is your style, that works too.

Ready to transform your leadership? Lead with Ease is not just a book; it's your guide to cultivating high-trust leadership skills and embracing ease in every step of your journey. Join the quest, enhance your team, and lead with ease.

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Table of Contents

Welcome - what to expect, my context, how to use this field guide.

High-Trust + Ease - When we consider high-trust and ease together, new ideas and opportunities reveal themselves. In this chapter, we'll make the connection and share the framework that will underpin this Field Guide. Download the sample chapter.

Culture + Structure - We are deeply influenced by and influence the world around us. Many people will say that culture is the water we're swimming in. But the more we acknowledge and understand what is happening, the more we step into our power to change things. In this chapter, you'll reflect on your lived experience and one way to consider the culture and structures of our everyday workplace.

Invitations to Imagine - So often, we move through our daily lives and assume that how it is is how it must be (or always was). Too many of us have forgotten that we can imagine something different, even at work. Sometimes invitations come from within, but they often come from someone else. An invitation is a powerful reminder that another world is possible, whether internal or external. In this chapter, I'll dive into the importance of giving and receiving invitations, share some of my favorites, and invite you to begin collecting your invitations.

Nervous System Discernment - Our nervous systems are responsible for our continued survival. Sometimes, our survival instincts do not serve us in the workplace. In this chapter, I'll give you a primer on the nervous system and how it can support or hinder you at work. And I'll invite you to begin noticing how your system responds to different things.

The Vulnerability Index - I developed the Vulnerability Index to help you put words to the intangible so you can build your skills with other people. In this section, I'll share my method for putting guardrails around vulnerability and help you figure out what makes sense for you.

The 4 Elemental Needs at Work - Every person on the planet has needs. That's not limited to the workplace. In this section, you'll learn about the 4 Elemental Needs at Work and begin to name your own needs. It's hard to get your needs met if you don't know what they are or how to talk about them.

The Lift Index - There are a million ways to figure out how to work and prioritize your life. But many of them collapse three distinct ideas into one: skill, capacity, and desire. The Lift Index provides a tangible option to get a handle on what's real for you and your teammates. In this section, you'll learn about the Lift Index and how to use it to support yourself and your colleagues.

Accountability - Accountability is potentially the most under-utilized leadership skill. In this chapter, we'll discuss why accountability feels hard and how to develop your practice as a high-trust leader.

Wrap Up, Next Steps, Citations + References

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I'm Liz and I believe in you.

I create tools and containers that help people build high-trust skills. My practice is guided by three ideas:

You’re not alone.
Many of my clients come to me thinking they’re the only ones struggling with certain ideas. I want to introduce you to different people, tools, and ways of understanding the world.

You are the expert on your life.
There are places where I have a strong opinion, but my goal is to give ways of thinking about things, questions to ask, and options. You get to disagree with me. You get to evolve your own thinking over time. But do not replace your own knowing with mine.

Don’t be boring.
I do my best to give enough context so that things make sense and relate in dynamic and interesting ways. I believe in creating spaciousness in all ways.