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Group Workshops

Group workshops capitalize on the magic of experimenting with strangers. You're free to bring whatever version of yourself makes the most sense, free of the constraints of the familiar.


With strangers, you have an opportunity to move past your everyday circle. Get out of your usual bubble. From here, new ideas and new supportive behavior become possible.


Each group workshop combines carefully curated resources, achievable activities, and a group of people who've opted into this work in this moment.

I intentionally pace every session so that it feels spacious and impactful. That means you leave the session feeling accomplished rather than fully drained.


Workshops range from one 90-minute to six 90-minute sessions (usually over six weeks).


Past Workshops:

  • Unwinding Urgency (which forms the basis of the forthcoming Field Guide)
  • WTF is My Capacity?
  • Capacity That is > Capacity That Was
  • Accessible Graphics
  • The Vulnerability Index
  • Workplace Boundaries
  • Efficient Machines


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Past participants say...

It's one (very helpful) thing to learn about the impacts that urgency has on humans, and it's also invaluable to be in conversation and community to hear from other folks on how this has impacted them individually. As others identify the impacts of urgency in their own lives, I feel like it becomes easier to recognize just how far reaching the impacts of urgency in your own life are.

Anna CzosnykaUnwinding Urgency

Identifying urgency as a key aspect of capitalism and white supremacy culture has been hugely liberating. That doesn't mean that we stop responding in a timely way to important things. Learning Unwinding Urgency with Liz Wiltsie gave me information and tools so that I can act with urgency when necessary, but not without boundaries or discernment.

Elizabeth Parks KibbeyUnwinding Urgency

Thinking about the ways that urgency is linked into so many of our stressors and also our self-esteem in a society that overwhelmingly prioritizes productivity is so valuable. And this workshop provides you with tools to try to unravel some of urgency’s hold or even just to understand why some tactics of urgency can have such a strong sway. And you’ll also gain community to discuss the points of struggle and piece apart different ideas and strategies.

Spring 2022 ParticipantUnwinding Urgency