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COMING SOON: Unwinding Urgency: a Field Guide for Mindful Decision Making

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Prepare to embark on a journey of mindful decision-making with our upcoming release: Unwinding Urgency: A Field Guide for Mindful Decision Making.

šŸ“˜ Guided Journal Meets Practical Workbook: Just like its predecessor, this field guide seamlessly blends the qualities of a guided journal and a practical workbook. It's designed to be your constant companion, offering ease of use and transformative exercises.

ā° Redefining Urgency with Mindful Choices: Explore the role of urgency in your life. Unwinding Urgency invites you to question whether urgency always serves you and to recognize that, at times, urgency can be a powerful ally. Through carefully crafted exercises, this guide empowers you to make mindful choices, whether they align with urgency or transcend it.

šŸŒæ Cultivate Mindful Decision-Making: Gain tools and insights that transcend the urgency-driven mindset. Unwinding Urgency equips you with practical strategies to navigate life's complexities with intention and mindfulness, allowing you to make choices aligned with your unique values and circumstances.

šŸ” Not Currently Available ā€“ Coming Soon: Stay tuned for the release of Unwinding Urgency. If you add Unwinding Urgency to your cart now and provide your email address, you'll be among the first to embrace a life free from the constraints of urgency while understanding its occasional necessity.

šŸ“š Multiple Formats, Always A5: Just like our first release, choose the format that suits your lifestyle. Whether it's the A5 paperback, spiral bound, or hardcover linen edition, all versions will include the digital edition for easy access and continual reflection.

Join us as we unravel the power of mindful decision-making. Unwinding Urgency is not about dictating your choices but empowering you to make decisions aligned with your values, even in the face of urgency.

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